Flowcoin global traffic value collection/creating a smart traffic storage ecology

With the rapid development of the Internet, informatization has spread across all industries. In recent years, with the rapid rise of e-commerce, short videos, and new media, people have begun to realize a problem: now has become an era where traffic is king.


The base of traffic will directly determine the dimension of crowd coverage. The key to the success of all Internet platforms such as smart Tik Tok, Weibo, Kuaishou, Taobao, etc., is to fight a traffic station. The accumulation of traffic promotes the generation of consumption, and the realization of traffic will be a vital part of the future development of the Internet industry.


With the generation of massive traffic data, people have established a more complete large-scale central server to process a large amount of traffic data. This solution seems to be very effective in the short term, but highly centralized management has spawned a series of problem. That is, data is stored in a large centralized control center, which is mainly operated by profitable companies. This architecture not only makes the network fragile, destroys privacy, and allows storage to maintain unrealistically high prices, it also creates a bottleneck that prevents innovative uses of data. The privacy crisis and the lack of data caused by centralization will bring potential security risks to market users. At the same time, if there is a problem with data in the traffic field, it will directly cause huge market economic losses. In order to solve people's security concerns about this series, the idea of Flowcoin was put forward by people.


Flowcoin is a new storage concept ecology based on the IPFS model. It aims to use the token FLW as the underlying incentive to encourage market users to achieve decentralized cloud data storage by providing storage space and retrieving data. Everyone can develop related plug-ins to achieve more applications on this basis. It is a blockchain public chain with decentralization, deduplication, fragmentation, faster transmission speed, and more secure network.


Flowcoin uses blockchain technology to link network bandwidth, aiming to create a world-class decentralized shared network resource. Reduce the security crisis caused by centralized cloud storage and realize the recycling of socially available resources, improve resource utilization and reduce industrial waste.


The future properties of Flowcoin


Globalization: Driven by blockchain technology, the global layout of cloud computing ecology for the sharing economy.

Formulating standards: Building with community resources and wisdom, a shared computing industry standard based on blockchain.


Create value: Use redundant and idle bandwidth resources to create hundreds of billions of ecological service exchange value.


Model innovation: Shared computing model, cloud computing resource and digital commodity exchange innovative model.


Implementation principle: Shared computing connects idle bandwidth resources, computing resources, and storage resources together, and then provides them to those in need. This is a disruptive innovation that reduces enterprise bandwidth costs and users' online entertainment costs.


Distribution model of Flowcoin tokens


The total amount of Flowcoin issued is 310 million

70% is 217 million as mining output (halved every 4 years).

10% for mining, 31 million pieces.

15% of super nodes, 46.5 million (50 globally selected).

Technical team 5%, 15.5 million pieces (released at 1% every month).


Based on a distributed storage system, Flowcoin aims to realize the expansion of world-class traffic volume storage. It builds distributed file system attributes through the built-in IPLD protocol stack to improve the efficiency and accuracy of retrieval. The use of cryptographic encryption technology better protects the user's data information privacy, consolidates the stability of the data, so that everyone can truly control the data, and deliver the converted value to each user.


As a new generation of distributed storage top public chain, Flowcoin uses a brand-new thinking concept to understand the future development direction of storage in the era of big data. Flowcoin will provide more cutting-edge technical support, continue to promote the development of the digital economy, and build a new blueprint for data storage.