Flowcoin, the creator of low carbon and energy saving green mining

Recently, with the blocking and interception policies of many countries on the crypto mining industry, many crypto miners have no idea what to do overnight. At the moment when the crypto situation is not clear, these blocking policies are undoubtedly making the problem more difficult to solve. How to control the future prospects of crypto has made many investors who participated in it feel hesitant.


Since the birth of crypto, the term mining is no stranger to participants participating in crypto investment. The essence of mining is to distribute a series of work that can only be done by traditional centralization to the market through mining rewards, so that market resources can be concentrated while reducing market costs. Bitcoin, as the first successful crypto landing application, has been loved by many miners over the years, but the long-standing market problems have also caused a lot of disturbances. Some professionals believe that cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are a waste of energy. According to the latest data, each Bitcoin transaction consumes 250kWh. In 2020, the electricity consumption of Bitcoin mining will be the same as the current global electricity consumption. Because cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin determine the mining output through computing power, it means that most people in the market cannot get mining rewards. In the end, all block rewards will be paid by the vast majority of mines with strong computing power. Field acquisition. This leads to two problems: 1. Excessive waste of energy 2. Centralization of block rewards. Obviously, most cryptos on the market today are still in the centralized stage, which violates the central idea of blockchain decentralization. How to solve the problems brought about by the current market will directly determine the era of the future development of the encryption industry.


Green and decentralized mining will become the new development trend of mining in the future.


With the rapid rise of storage mining represented by XCH and FIL some time ago, the effect of the market has given a trend. The future direction of mining will be greener and more environmentally friendly, and all participants in the market can get corresponding rewards. In response to the various problems left over from mining in the current market, Flowcoin innovatively uses a time-space proof consensus mechanism to break the current problems in the mining industry. Time-space proof is a way of verifying storage while providing storage space. Spectrum mining mode. Miners can participate in mining by providing hard disk storage space as computing power, which is more environmentally friendly than most energy-consuming mining on the market. At the same time, it recycles the storage resources that can be used in society and reduces excessive waste of resources. In addition, because the corresponding reward is obtained based on the storage space, theoretically all miners participating in mining can receive the corresponding reward according to the proportion of the storage space of the entire network. Realize decentralization in the true sense, and ensure that every miner who participates at home and abroad can benefit. The time-space proof consensus mechanism reduces the threshold for retail participation and the difficulty of mining, counters the waste of resources and energy brought by traditional mining, and avoids the real problem of uneven distribution caused by excessive centralization of capital. 


In addition, Flowcoin is a crypto that uses flow data storage as a model concept, which has been accompanied by the generation of flow data since the birth of the Internet. Every year, a large number of website companies need to pay high storage fees to traffic data storage companies, and nowadays there is a phenomenon of capital monopoly on the market. Market users have less room for choice, and they have to face one-way pricing power. This phenomenon has made many market users over-stressed and miserable, and a very small number of data storage companies have privately sold user data for profit, which has harmed many users. Personal privacy.


In view of the pain points of the current flow data storage market, Flowcoin proposes to adopt blockchain technology for reform. Utilizing the characteristics of decentralization, non-tampering, and data transparency of blockchain technology, it solves the problems existing in the current data market, and distributes the centralized storage work to every user in the market, reducing the cost of traffic data storage , Improve the efficiency of traffic data storage and at the same time ensure data privacy and security.


In recent years, big data, 5G applications, artificial intelligence and other Internet emerging industries have risen rapidly, and countries have introduced corresponding policies to vigorously support them. This also means that a large amount of traffic data will be generated, and the future traffic data storage market will be a space full of imagination. The huge market effect will inevitably drive a lot of wealth effect. Flowcoin is the first to anchor the trend of the future market. It is believed that in the future, Flowcoin will cross the boundaries of the times on the economic vent, link unlimited value space, and create even more extraordinary Wealth effect.