Flowcoin, set off a new wave of flow data storage

With the accelerated development of the Internet, the network user community continues to expand, and the volume of traffic data has achieved a high level of breakthrough in recent years. With the development in recent years, the global investment in the construction of information networks has continued to increase, which has effectively promoted the development of mobile high-speed networks. Judging from the current development of mobile broadband, 3G users and 4G users are gradually saturated. In 2018, 174 million new users were added, a year-on-year decrease of 8.9%; the penetration rate reached 83.4%, a year-on-year increase of 3.6pct. Surrounded by multiple Internet applications such as online video, online games, and life services, the generation of traffic data continues to burst like a monstrous flood.


According to statistics, in 2018, mobile Internet access traffic reached 71.1 billion GB, an increase of 1.89 times based on 2017; the average monthly mobile access traffic per capita was 4.42GB, a year-on-year increase of 1.55 times, a significant increase. As 5G will support a user experience rate of 0.1 to 1Gbps, with a peak rate of tens of Gbps, it is expected that the popularization of 5G is expected to further stimulate users' desire for traffic consumption, and mobile traffic beards will usher in a new explosive period. The large-scale growth of traffic data reflects from the side that people use the mobile Internet more and more frequently in the current era. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of technology, the generation of traffic data in the future will show continuous growth.



At present, the vast majority of companies on the market do not have the infrastructure for traffic data storage. As a result, they must cooperate with the relevant central traffic data storage company and pay a large amount of custody fees on a regular basis. The long-term monopoly of market-leading companies has gradually revealed the drawbacks of traffic data storage. Centralized management is expanding the related loopholes infinitely. Do you often receive spam advertisements sent by certain platforms, or the related browsing records you want to check always disappear inexplicably? These phenomena indicate that there are problems with your personal data. According to relevant investigations and analysis, some traditional data storage companies in the market privately sell customer traffic data to personal organizations to obtain illegal profits. If a certain section of these storage companies appears The problem, then the following is the loss of a large amount of traffic data. In order to reduce the occurrence of this hidden danger while mining the economic benefits of the market, a new flow data storage solution called Flowcoin was proposed.



Flowcoin is a blockchain application ecology that uses flow data storage as a governance solution. It realizes the value growth of flow data through distributed data storage and optimizes the existing market flow data storage mode. Flowcoin uses blockchain application technology to realize the functions of two ports of data storage and retrieval. It stores and verifies flow data by collecting the world's idle storage space and excess bandwidth. Miners participate in "mining" by providing their own idle hardware storage space and Band width as computing power, and users can match traffic data storage by paying FLW to the market as a storage fee. Flowcoin aims to create a faster, more efficient, and more private flow data storage 2.0 model through blockchain technology, break the flow storage barriers caused by traditional central control, empower the flow market, and accelerate the Internet era. Coordinated development of various industries.


Now Flowcoin has formed long-term strategic cooperation with major vertical media platforms at home and abroad. At the same time, it has established a large-scale and wide-scale flow media community, and cooperated with multi-party financial institutions and national technology application centers to carry out the construction of new infrastructure. Simultaneously promote the development of flow data storage applications, bring the underlying technical support for the Internet flow era, and create a flow value platform with the Internet economy to help economic and social diversified industries to carry out flow transformation.