The global public beta program remains unchanged

We have not found any major bugs in the data feedback obtained through multiple tests, and the global public beta program remains unchanged.

1. Open beta time: official open beta on June 25, 2020;

2. Miners who participate in the public beta contribution, please read and understand the relevant documents of the public beta;

3. For the configuration of FLOWCOIN storage traffic, please refer to the official website configuration recommendations;

4. Participants' notice:
 (1) You need to use FLW as a mortgage to participate in FLOWCOIN, (mortgage ratio: 180 FLW per 1T device is required as a mortgage);
 (2) In order to maintain the security and confidentiality of data, we will use the mortgaged FLW as a punishment constraint. If the contributor leaks, damages, or loses the data stored by the customer, we will give the corresponding penalty and deduct part of the FLW according to the severity of the situation;
 (3) FLOWCOIN is a completely open source, decentralized distributed network that requires all participants to complete and maintain the public safety of the blockchain.
 (4) All participants in the global public beta can receive corresponding FLW rewards;

5. For the related installation tutorials and plug-ins added to the testnet, please pay attention to the updates on the official website. Make full preparations for the launch of the open beta and look forward to this great moment together.