Installation instruction

Please follow the steps below for installation, the red part is the command required for installation

1. Installation (docker)

Command: (docker sudo apt-get install docker)

2. Prepare to mirror

Command: (sudo docker pull ubuntu)

3. Download the file

Command: (wget -c

4. Unzip the file

Command: (unzip

5. Install (flowcoin) image

Command: (cd flowcoin-docker sudo docker build -t ubuntu:flowcoin .)

6. Create and start the (flowcoin) container

Command: (sudo docker run --name flowcoin -p 6000:6000 -itd ubuntu:flowcoin /bin/bash)

7. Enter the (flowcoin) container terminal

Command: (sudo docker exec -it flowcoin /bin/bash)

8. Initialize the node

Command: (./root/flowcoin-scripts/

9. Start the (flowcoin) daemon

Command: (nohup flowcoin daemon &)

10. Create a (bls) wallet

Command: (flowcoin address new --type=bls)

11. Prepare the miner

After the synchronization in step 9 is completed, transfer the miner's start-up funds to this node through the wallet and then perform the following steps

Command: (flowcoin miner create --gas-price=0 --gas-limit=10000) mortgage amount

12. Set storage service price

Command: (flowcoin miner set-price 1.452 10000)

(1.452 is the unit price, 10000 is the time)

13. Start miners

Command: (flowcoin mining start)

Download the mining program